Sunday, August 19, 2007

No, really, it's "edgy", not blackface...

I'm somewhat speechless at American Apparel's recent quasi-blackface spread in Britain's i-D magazine. Of course, loudmouth that I am, "speechless" just means an angry rant that is less coherent than my usual rants! Let me just say, then: Dov Charney (AA's punk-ass founder and CEO) is not a rebel or an envelope-pusher or a "cool capitalist" or an anti-sweatshop progressive. He's a stupid, ugly, overpaid, prep-school rich kid who really, really deserves swift kicks-in-the-nuts-o-plenty. And then a couple of swift kicks in the teeth for good measure. Here are a few reasons why.

If I could get that millionaire prick in a corner I'd say "Sexually harassing your employees, union busting, and using exploitative ads are not edgy behaviors, you little hipster twit. They're just more of the same ol same ol." Then the swift kicking mentioned above would commence. Too bad bodyguards and cops work for rich people... But a man can dream about shuttin 'em down, right?


Wanda said...

saladin, i dont even know what to say about this ad. I saw it on Invisible woman's site and couldn't even comment on it. This particular company constantly puts out "offensive" ads. I guess they like the attention.

PS. thanks for visiting my blog the other day.


how is this offensive???