Thursday, August 30, 2007

Turn that frown upside down, you snotty little A-rab!

There's a lot of depressing/infuriating shite that I could post about today. In the New York Times alone:

- We learn that Congress is simultaneously blaming Iraqis for the chaos that the U.S. has wrought in Iraq and making imperious "suggestions" to Maliki's puppet government.

- A guest columnist tries to convince readers that buying knockoff purses on Canal Street means supporting kiddie porn, human trafficking and terrorism. (I wonder if she works for Coach!)

- We see that the attempt to criminalize baggy pants is not just a one-town ass-backwards (as it were) fluke.

- And we find out that one of So Bored's favorite playwrights (and one of the most seemingly ethical of 20th century American writers) dissed his retarded son.

Bummers, all. But instead of focusing on these bits of grimness, I'd like to focus on the positive. Even though the world has lost its dog, so to speak, there's always a bright side:

Don't y'all feel cheered up? I know I do! On another note, I've been doing this bloggy thing for about a month now and my tech-deficient ass is just now learning about feeds and blogrolls and other neat stuff. Very soon I'll be adding a list of my favorite blogs to the site...


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

i miss kids in the hall. tv today is so much more stupider. i also miss sctv. or maybe i just miss the past.

Saladin said...

I'm the same way, brother. That is, I'm nostalgic for the great Canadian sketch comedy of the 80s and 90s and I'm just plain nostalgic.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

i'm nostalgic for eras that i lived and sometimes even more for eras from before i was born.

i sometimes dream or remember the 50's in cairo, or the 80's in beirut (i was the u.s.) or the turn of the (last) century in moscow.

Invisible Woman said...

Not surprised about Arthur Miller at all...from everything I've read, he was a self-absorbed a-h_le from day one, including his marriage to Marilyn Monroe.

Saladin said...

@ Invisible Woman: I had no idea about AM. The Crucible and Death of A Salesman are such good (and moral!) plays. Guess this is a lesson about assuming that good art = good people.