Sunday, September 16, 2007

Damn, they couldn't even send him to Disneyland?

CNN today reports on the latest solution to the mass murder and deprivation that the US invasion has sparked in Iraq: theme parks! Youssif [his last name is being kept confidential] is a very sweet-seeming Iraqi kid that has been in the American media spotlight since he was savagely attacked and burned by masked men earlier this year. Unlike the vast majority of Iraqis, Youssif's family was able to escape the chaos and come to the US. But to hear CNN tell it, you would think that going to Universal Studios and hugging some weird guy in a Spider-Man costume can erase war trauma, physical scarring, forced migration, the loss of everything known or familiar, coming to a country that is at war with other Iraqis, lack of a job, etc. Thank God Youssif and his family are relatively safe now, but what about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who have died since the US first invaded a decade and a half ago? What about the hundreds of thousands that are deformed from our sanctions and our depleted uranium bombs? What about the kids that can't go to school because of the post-Saddam chaos? What is Captain America going to do for them?

Waitaminute, isn't Cap dead? Aaagghhh! Run Youssif! It's a zombie Captain America!

3 comments: said...

I despise the media with equal hate as I do politicians. Important stories are either glossed over or not covered at all, yet they focus on shite like a "fat" Britney Spears on the MTV Awards. Pooh on them.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

captain america as zombie..
i'm not sure if i love the idea or completely abhore it, which would mean that nothing is different..

i'm completely confused.

Cale said...

So like... Cap is seconds away from grabbing the war-scarred Iraqi child and taking a huge bite out of his head to eat his brains?


Another victory for geopolitics in comic books.