Thursday, September 27, 2007

Licensed to Drive?: Saudi Women Behind the Wheel -- on TV, Anyway

Hassan Fattah, a Times reporter that doesn't always annoy me, has written an interesting piece on the quiet movement for Saudi women's right to drive. Well, as long as men are allowed to, women should be allowed to as well, obviously. Hm. Here in the US, it might be a better place if ONLY women were allowed to drive.

But honestly, I think that the 'right' to drive is much like the 'right' to be in the military: ultimately destructive to humanity. *All* of our rights to drive should probably be more limited than they are -- and public transportation should be more prioritized.

Says the guy who grew up three blocks from the Ford Motor Company's first factory. In fact, growing up I also saw many an mhejaba* behind the wheel of a minivan. Ah, globalization...

*woman who wears a hejab

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Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

" much like the 'right' to be in the military..."

and like our right to and drink unlabeled food pumped up with who knows what.