Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Republicans shout "Kick protestors' asses!", Democrats mumble "Umm, err, maybe you shouldn't" -- is there a difference?

On Monday, during a campus Q & A with Senator John "we will kill the terrorists" Kerry, University of Florida student Andrew Meyer was Tasered and arrested by several punk-ass doin-whatever-The-Man-tells-them-to-do slabs-O'-pork...err, police officers. Meyer, according to various accounts, shouted, jumped to the head of the question line, and/or refused to stop speaking when his time was up. In the aftermath, video of the incident has spread all over the Internet.

All sorts of people have pointed out that Meyer's behavior was theatrical and obnoxious. That he was a bit of a doofus ("Don't Tase me, bro!" he shouts in the video). That he had a history of pulling pranks and that he was performing for the camera. Fine. But none of that justifies police brutality! There were at least five cops there, and this guy was not exactly a powerhouse. They had this kid ON THE FLOOR and they still Tasered him! A Taser is not just a little electric shock. It is a torturous, potentially lethal weapon -- classified, in fact, by police and manufacturer literature as a "less lethal" (as in not NON-lethal) alternative to firearms. Why didn't they just drag him out?

After the incident, the officers were placed on PAID leave -- a vacation, essentially. The Kerry machine and the school administration released some generic 'we regret this incident'-type statements -- as if this was a tornado or some other act of nature, and not a human act for which guilty parties should be held accountable. More than anything, this incident is a telling instance of mainstream-liberal culture's failure to check the police state in any meaningful way. In the video, one can hear Kerry mumbling half-assedly "OK, I think if everyone just calms down we can all...blah blah blah". Why is he not shouting at the cops to stop!? He later claimed that he didn't know the kid was being Tasered (just like he didn't know Bush was lying about Iraqi WMDs)!

Sigh. Given Kerry's record, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised -- in fact, it is precisely this kind of complicity with foul forces that Meyer was asking about: his questions had to do with a) Kerry conceding the 2004 election even though there was clear evidence that the Black vote was distorted (in Bush's favor) in Ohio b) Kerry's refusal to even consider impeachment proceedings against Bush and c) Kerry's membership in the same elitist Yale secret society (Skull and Bones) as Bush. All valid questions for people (the Senate Democrats) who are claiming to oppose the way Bush does things, but who, in practice, are not a whole lot different.

As an aside, it's lucky for Meyer that he's white, otherwise the response would have been even worse. As we learned last November, just going to the library can get you Tasered if you're Middle Eastern.

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