Saturday, October 13, 2007

So Bored endorses a post-Y2K music video!?

I am an old fart when it comes to music, including hip hop. Not a "South Bronx only"-level old fart, but an old fart nonetheless. Give me 1986-1996 and I'm happy. Jazz and funk samples, neat, clean (aesthetically, not cuss-wise) rhymes. On the other hand, "Crunk" and fake-pimp sloppy, Shouty McShoutalot rappers give me a headache. Feh, let the kids have it, I say. I'll be over here listening to "Wrath of the Math" again.

But sometimes, if the truth someone is shout-rapping is urgent and different enough, and there are some good rhymes in there, and a great video, and nary a mention of an SUV or alcohol or a bitch, well, then, grandpa might nod his head to some post-millenial...hip-hop? Rap?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "History of Violence" by Palestinian Canadian rapper Belly (these kids and their names! "Plies", "The Game"! Did we run out of "MCs" already!?). He's apparently a big sensation up north, which shows that tease the Canucks as we may, they have more room for sensible shit in their record industry than we do. [Yet again I am biting this link from the good folks at, but I would like for this video to get wide exposure]


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