Monday, October 1, 2007

Senior Bush Official: "I hate all Iranians"

I plucked this one from the skewers of kabobfest. Oh, lordy. The pleather-drag stormtrooper above is Debra Cagan, Bush's hardline "Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs". She recently hosted a group of British MPs at the Pentagon. During a visit that some of the MPs have characterized as "forceful" and "alarming" Cagan said -- read these unambiguous words very carefully -- "I hate all Iranians."

"I hate all Iranians."


WHAT IN THE HELL KIND OF A WORLD DO WE LIVE IN!!!??? This is a person who is going to have a direct hand in deciding whether men, women, and children in Iran live or die en masse. This bullshit is even worse than "My God was bigger than his".

So: Iran, a country that is still wishing for the most primitive forms of nuclear energy and whose politicians say vaguely threatening things about a POLITICAL SYSTEM, is worse than the US, a country that has thousands of Nth generation nuclear weapons and whose politicians say vicious things about ENTIRE PEOPLES. Why? Because Iran is magically destabilizing the world all by itself? By Congress' own confession (the same Congress that is labelling the Iranian military 'terrorists'), the US is the world's biggest dealer of arms to the third world. I guess somehow we're the good-guy arms dealers. Like "Q" from James Bond or some shit. Sigh...

How much brutal hypocrisy can we as a nation engage in before our collective head a splodes?