Saturday, October 13, 2007

So Bored endorses a post-Y2K music video!?

I am an old fart when it comes to music, including hip hop. Not a "South Bronx only"-level old fart, but an old fart nonetheless. Give me 1986-1996 and I'm happy. Jazz and funk samples, neat, clean (aesthetically, not cuss-wise) rhymes. On the other hand, "Crunk" and fake-pimp sloppy, Shouty McShoutalot rappers give me a headache. Feh, let the kids have it, I say. I'll be over here listening to "Wrath of the Math" again.

But sometimes, if the truth someone is shout-rapping is urgent and different enough, and there are some good rhymes in there, and a great video, and nary a mention of an SUV or alcohol or a bitch, well, then, grandpa might nod his head to some post-millenial...hip-hop? Rap?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "History of Violence" by Palestinian Canadian rapper Belly (these kids and their names! "Plies", "The Game"! Did we run out of "MCs" already!?). He's apparently a big sensation up north, which shows that tease the Canucks as we may, they have more room for sensible shit in their record industry than we do. [Yet again I am biting this link from the good folks at, but I would like for this video to get wide exposure]

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jimmy runs deep

Hey all. Multiple postings today to make up for a long silence. Last week, Jimmy Carter was getting all up in cops' faces in Darfur. This week he was interviewed on CNN*, where former AIPAC employee Wolf Blitzer somehow managed to restrain himself from bringing up Carter's contribution to the Israel/Apartheid comparison. Instead the topics were Iraq and the field of wack-ass presidential candidates. Carter has his problems: he's still nostalgic for the "good old" US, he's hesitant to call war crimes war crimes, he can't pronounce Abu Ghraib. But he says things plainly that none of the candidates will: Does he think the US uses torture? "I don't think it. I know it." What does he think of Rudy Giuliani's recent speeches about bombing Iran? "I could almost write it for him..I think he's foolish." Jimmy runs deep, indeed. Man, I hope I'm this sharp when I'm 83!

*Apologies for the obligatory corporate news pre-video commercial!

So Bored wishes a happy (if slightly belated) birthday...

... to fellow Libra John Lennon, wherever he may be.

As it is in Jena, so shall it be in New York

I don't even know if I have stupified words enough for this, but: A hangman's noose was found tied to the door of a Black professor at Columbia's Teachers College yesterday. The noose was found on the door of professor Madonna Constantine, who teaches a number of courses on racial issues. It will be telling to see how this is handled by the school administration and the media up here in the supposedly non-racist north. I wonder if the harmless term 'prank' will come up...