Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Guess Who's Back?"

, so maybe this 'comeback' isn't quite so welcome as Rakim's was (above). But I am back after a several week absence. Flattered thanks to the readers who emailed inquiring about (and even expressing sadness regarding!) the silence. I was surprised to learn that maybe like a total of ten people read this blog. That's five times as many readers as I thought I had!

Anyway, all I can say is sometimes one has to take an Internet break. Of course, then one must catch up with the million neglected emails, posts, etc. that one has taken said break from. "And so it goes", as a fine writer once put it.

In the near future So Bored will return to depressed grumblings about the swaths of destruction being cut across the world by nefarious neocolonial forces. There will be more whining about the intricate, insidious idiocies of powerful men. But today I'll just give thanks that I was able to see Stevie Wonder play Madison Square Garden last night. He gave us 2.5 hours of entertainment, did a haven't-slipped-a-centimeter kick-ass version of "Golden Lady", sang "Ribbon In The Sky" beautifully then turned it into a samba-ish ladies-and-fellas audience participation number, brought out Tony Bennett for a surprise duet of "For Once In My Life", then brought out Prince (yes, Prince!) to play guitar on "Superstitious".

Whew. Here's a low-quality clip of "Don't you Worry 'Bout a Thing" from the show.

And here are two good write-ups. Back to the world of the grisly and the deceitful soon...